Beltone Promise Review

Beltone Promise Review

Advances in technology have come a long way since the first hearing aids appeared on the market and today, The Beltone Promise™ allows wearers to experience sound “naturally” in all types of sound environments. Beltone Promise™ hearing aids continue to receive outstanding reviews from clients who claim “the auto-sync feature that is self adjusting has allowed me to move from one environment to another and maintain clear, balanced and natural hearing.

Knowing that you can once again transition seamlessly throughout the day from indoor to outdoor activities or perform everyday tasks like having a conversation on the phone plays a significant role in reclaiming the self-confidence that is so often lost by those who have experienced hearing loss. And it’s not only Beltone clients and their families who see these positive changes but the many hearing care professionals who see these changes in their clients every day. Beltone hearing aid reviews from hearing specialists show the high level of satisfaction that comes from being able to give individuals the gift of sound. One such review comes from a Beltone hearing care professional who recently stated,

“I just had my first follow up with a patient who has worn Beltone hearing aids for over 20 years. She purchased our new Promise 17 76 BTE’s 10 days ago for her 100 Birthday! She came in today with her daughter who commented on how her mom noticed the birds and wind chimes for the first time in YEARS.”

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, find out more about the Beltone Promise™ and visit a Beltone hearing center to ask about the amazing new features that allow you to carry on a conversation in noisy environments without missing the ambient sounds that are around you. Talk to others or read some of the many Beltone reviews by customers who once again are able to go about their busy days, confident that their ability to hear the people and world around them is as natural as it was before any loss of hearing.

Beltone is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the Beltone Business Review record is available to the public to see.

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